Bug Reports and Updates

May 23, 1998
  The shareware versions (Win95, WinNT) of SoundBite had a defective
  SampleRate class definition (in Audio.jar).  This resulted in
  SampleRate.R_8000 not being visible.
    This has now been fixed (both shareware and registered versions are ok).
    Thanks to Steve Parker (sparker@amteva.com) for pointing this out.

Apr 18, 1998
  Added Win NT versions to website.
  Added instructions for Win NT users.
    SoundBite demos Demo1.java, Demo2.java bomb under Windows NT 4.0.
    Modified SoundBite.dll.  Demos now run correctly on Windows NT 4.0
    Thanks to Nico teWinkel (nico@penetics.com) for feedback and testing.

  Added instructions for using SoundBite in applets.

  Added this bug report to website.


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