April 18, 1998

Using SoundBite on Windows NT machines

This notice only applies to Windows NT users.

If you encounter problems running SoundBite on Windows NT,
please use the "WinNT" version of SoundBite - it contains
a modified "SoundBite.dll" that has the Win NT fix.

If you already have an earlier installation of SoundBite,
you only need to replace the earlier "SoundBite.dll" with
the one provided in the "WinNT" version of SoundBite.  As
before, you can place the new "SoundBite.dll" on the PATH
or in the current directory.  Make sure there is no other
version of SoundBite.dll in your PATH.

This Win NT version unfortunately has a slight problem if
you have multiple threads or more than one SoundBite object
open at the same time.  If you are just using one SoundBite
object (as demoed in the demo programs) then this problem
shouldn't appear.

These problems do not occur in Windows 95 while using the
original ("Win95" version of) SoundBite.dll.


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