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Academic/Research sites

  1. Andre Meyer's thesis on Pen Computing : "a technology overview and a vision". Multimedia Lab, Univ. of Zurich. Originally published in ACM SIGCHI bulletin, July 1995. History, hardware, handwriting recognition, mobility, paradigms, systems and products, references.
  2. Center for Patt. Recognition and Machine Intelligence (CENPARMI) : document processing and handwriting recognition at Concordia Univ., Montreal, Canada.
  3. The InfoPad Project : hardware, software and mobile network support for a mobile portable terminal. Dept. of EECS at U.C. Berkeley. Report on handwriting recognition for the InfoPad. Home Page of grad. student working on user interfaces/applications using handwriting and speech recognition.
  4. Fuzzy Online Handwriting Recognition System (FOHRES). : writer-independent on-line handwriting recognition.
  5. Handwriting Recognition Engine API : from Sun Microsystems.
  6. Handwriting Recognition Home Page : at the Univ. of Essex, U.K. Also Oscar an "off-line" script and character recognition toolset.
  7. ICR/OCR Character Recognition.
  8. Kiosks: A Technological Overview (Los Alamos - 1995 paper) (added 10/98)
  9. Laboratory for Pen-based Computing and Visual Languages : at the Univ. of Washington, St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A. Evaluation of pen-platforms, editors.
  10. NICI Handwriting Recognition Group's Home Page (updated 10/98)
    The pen and mobile computing page lists web journals, tablet/pen hardware, software, projects, research reports and conferences . UNIPEN on-line handwriting database and recognizer benchmarking project, and related data and software tools page has links to definitions and example data . An example data file .
    Some links on the UNIPEN website also point to forensic handwriting related stuff - for example Handwriting in the U.K.
  11. NPen++ Home Page : Interactive Systems Lab. - CMU and Univ. Karlsruhe (Germany). Their goal "is to develop an on-line cursive handwriting recognition system".
  12. The PAPYRUS Project (updated 10/98)
    "pen-based application environments" - Univ. of Newcastle, U.K. If the above url doesn't work, try this url .
  13. Perceptual Intelligence Lab, Bogazici Univ., Istanbul (added 10/98)
    From a SCRIB-L posting: optical and pen-based handwritten digit recognition datasets - optdigits and pendigits (see readme and *.names files for info on datasets). Some contributor pages: Ethem Alpaydin , Fevzi Alimoglu .
  14. Processor Architectures for Online Handwriting Recognition (added 10/98)
    ".. codesign of a hardware processor architecture and software environment for Online Handwriting Recognition (OHR), suitable to the constraints of PDA platform .."
  15. Rob Kassel's Home Page
    Rob Kassel makes his thesis work at MIT on handwriting recognition and handwriting data sets available at this site.
  16. Wearable Computing Project at MIT Media Lab : (added 06/98)
  17.,, UTWCHI, and Steve Mann's Home Page : (added 06/98)
    This site represents:,, Univ. of Toronto WearComp/HI Lab. and Steve Mann's (wearable computers/bodysuits work at MIT) personal page.
  18. Zhou's Pen Computing Home Page : based at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, contains pointers to - Bibliography, Vendors, Research Groups, Organizations, Conferences and Newsgroups.

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