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Application Software

Scrawl Editor window (1 KB) Word Processor for Handwriting
Notetaking, editing of formatted handwriting, drawings and text.
Can be used as a helper app. for handwriting on the web.
Sample data files available.
For Win3.x, Win95 systems. Works best with a pen or tablet for input.
Scrawl SigVerify window (1 KB) Screen Saver with Signature Protection
Uses signature as password for screen saver.
For Win3.x, Win95 systems. Works best with a pen or tablet for input.

Technology Demos

  Animated compress/decompress (4 KB) Signature/Ink Compression
Compression outperforms signature compression engines currently on the market.
Useful for pen-based systems that need to store raw ink or signature data in a limited amount of memory.
Scrawl SigVerify window (1 KB) Signature Verification
Biometric identification for handwritten signatures. Signatures that have been widely distributed on paper do not automatically compromise security.
Useful for entry-verification systems at secure sites. User does not need to carry a security key. Verification requires one signature.
Demo available: Screen Saver with Signature Protection
Scrawl Editor window (1 KB) Gesture Recognition
Recognition for single-stroke handwritten gestures. Can be used to implement a Graffiti-like gesture recognition engine.
Applications include: 2-d vision systems and motion-tracker classification.
Demo available: Word Processor for Handwriting
Scrawl Editor window (1 KB) Handwriting Recognition with Dictionary Lookup
Unconstrained handwriting (no ruled lines or orientation restrictions) segmentation (word/letter) and fast dictionary-lookup with approximate matching. The downloadable version of Scrawl Editor does not currently include this engine.


SoundBite - Audio Recording in Java
One of the first solutions available on the net for audio recording in Java (see the FAQ). This functionality is now available in Sun's JDK. SoundBite provides convenient access to audio data, so it may be easier to use for some applications.
Signature Data to Gif Converter
Utility for converting raw signature files to GIF format image files.


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