Screen Saver with Signature Protection

Scrawl SigVerify v1.18

Scrawl SigVerify window (2 KB)
Copyright © Salman Burkie, 1995-1998. All Rights Reserved.

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System Requirements

NOTE: SigVerify is currently unavailable for public download.
Please contact to obtain an evaluation copy.


  1. (120 KB)
    Scrawl SigVerify v1.18 in compressed format - requires pkunzip.exe to uncompress.
  2. readme.txt (1 KB)
    Instructions on how to uncompress using pkunzip.exe.
  3. pkunzip.exe (15 KB)
    A shareware uncompressing utility - download this if you don't already have it.

Or, to get a preview, just browse through the on-line manual.

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