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Setting up Scrawl Editor v1.0 as a helper app./viewer with your WWW browser

To setup a program as a helper app./viewer with your WWW browser, you will need to indicate the filename extension for files that the program will be expected to handle. If the WWW browser now downloads a file with this extension, it will pass it to the program by issuing a Run command of the following type:

program.exe filename.extension

If the program is a display application, it will display the file on-screen.
NOTE: the program must be able to take a filename as an argument in order for this to work.

To setup Scrawl Editor as a helper app. with your WWW browser, you will specify the extension (*.swl) and the program file (the full path to scrawled.exe). The instructions given below are for the Netscape browsers. Other browsers should have similar procedures:


Choose Options/GeneralPreferences/Helpers. Click on Create New Type. A dialog box will appear. Set the following:

File/MIME type: application
Subtype: x-swl
Set File Extensions: swl
Action: choose Launch the Application

Then press the Browse button and enter the full path (or wherever scrawled.exe was installed to):


Press OK.
This will return you to the Preferences dialog box.
The path you provided should now appear in the text box next to the Browse button. The Scrawl Editor icon (scrawled.ico - stored in the same directory as scrawled.exe) should also become visible at the left of this text box (Netscape 2.0).

Press OK.
Now, whenever you click to download a *.swl file, Netscape will run Scrawl Editor to display that file.

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