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Mailing lists

    Dedicated to discussions on the Compaq Concerto portable computer (the Concerto has been discontinued, but is still popular among its users). Send "subscribe concerto your-real-name" (without the quotes) in the message body to
    To post to the group, after you have subscribed, e-mail
    Correction: List has been inactive for a while .. no reply from the above address. Seems to have disappeared.
  2. SCRIB-L
    Discussions, announcements related to "handwriting production, recognition, reading, education, expertise". Subscribers tend to be from academic or research laboratories and postings are generally about conferences etc.. - traffic is generally low. Send "subscribe SCRIB-L your-firstname your-lastname" (without the quotes) in the message body to LISTSERV@NIC.SURFNET.NL.
    To post a short message that is relevant to the group, e-mail
    Dedicated to General Magic's MagicCap operating system (used on Sony MagicLink, Motorola Envoy etc..). Send "subscribe MAGICCAP your-firstname your-lastname" (without the quotes) in the message body to
    To post to the group after you have subscribed, e-mail
  4. OGO (OmniGo)
    Discussions on the HP OmniGo 100.
    Send "subscribe OGO your-name your-e-mail-address" (without the quotes) in the message body to
  5. Zaurus (added 05/98)
    See for instructions.
  6. Pen-GEOS (formerly ZOOMER-LIST)
    Discussions on the Zoomer, OmniGo 100 and other GEOS-based pen platform and operating system issues.
    Send "subscribe pen-geos" (without the quotes) in the message body to Use "subscribe pen-geos-digest" to receive digests of messages rather than individual messages.
    Pen-GEOS (and ZOOMER-LIST) archives available here (see Brian Smithson's Zoomer PDA Home Page description) as well as here (see GEOS-based PDA Info (Zoomer) description).

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Many of the pointers to other web sites, products and companies have been taken from press reports, other web sites and newsgroup postings. Some of the comments are second hand reporting of others' opinions (usually in quotes).

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