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General-purpose sites

  1. Amanda Walker's IBM PC110 Web Page
    Info about the IBM PC110 "palmtop" 486 machine (weight: 1.3 pounds), how to configure for English (since currently only available in Japan) and install Windows.
  2. Chris Browning's Unofficial Compaq Concerto Web Page
    A Concerto fan provides pointers to pen drivers for Linux, hints for upgrading hard drives, Pen for Win95, OS/2, pen specs. Is compiling a list of favourite pen programs.
  3. The Driver Zone - Input Drivers Page (added 12/97)
    Links to drivers for tablets and "mice, joystick, and other pointer drivers".
  4. Emanuel Brown's Laptop Central
    Features "reviews of computer systems by actual owners of the systems, rather than the uninformative stuff cribbed from the press releases that most magazines print", portable/laptop reviews, invites reviews, promises to post submitted reviews (text or .html) within 24 hours. Links to manufacturers, resellers, and laptop-related sites.
  5. Fredrick's IBM Thinkpad 730T Info Page
    Owner's manual, rebuilding batteries, and other specs for the 730T.
  6. The Gadgeteer (updated 12/97)
    Info and links for palmtops, PDAs, data watches, tv gear, etc.
  7. General Magic's MagicCap - related info.
  8. GEOS-specific (see Geoworks web site and Pen-GEOS mailing list description):
    • Brian Smithson's Zoomer PDA Home Page
      Search this site, Pen-GEOS mailing list archives, rumors, resources, vendors, software, hardware, tech. info, pictures, OmniGo 100 info.
    • GEOS-based PDA Info (Zoomer)
      PDA Developers Journal, archives of Pen-GEOS mailing list and programs, local copies of Palm Computing files including Graffiti demo. Graffiti quick reference cards small (21K) and larger (99K).
    • John Feras' IZL web site
      An interpreted language for GEOS (Zoomer, etc..) - shareware IZL available here. A quote from a recent comp.sys.pen posting:
      ".. get the file izlshare.exe. The shareware version lets you run tokenized IZL programs (*.IZT files), but does not let you write new programs. There are also some IZL programs in that directory".
    • Max Mansour's OmniGo 100 Site
      A collection of GEOS programs, PC utilities, web links, company e-mail contacts, mailing lists, newsgroups, stock quotes, John Feras' IZL programming examples and programs.
    • Nathan Fiedler's GEOS-based PDAs Web site
      "geared primarily towards the GEOS-based PDAs, such as the HP OmniGo, Tandy Z-PDA, Sharp PT-9000, AST GRiDPAD 2390, and Casio Z-7000. Also included are rumors of the Hyundai Gulliver, as well as a bunch of links to other sites related to GEOS-based PDAs".
    • Ronald Pike's HP OmniGo 100 Site
      OmniGo 100 FAQ, hints and tips, links to other OmniGo 100-related sites.
    • Tom Doan's OmniGo Online (added 01/98)
      "..every piece of information .. about the OmniGo 100/120 .."
  9. HandJive (added 8/97)
    Magazine for viewing on PDAs - Newton, Zaurus ..
  10. HotPocket ".. everyone's guide to the world of pocket and handheld computers ..". Online magazine covers handhelds, PDA's etc.
  11. Kyler Laird's Pen for OS/2 Page.
  12. Mobilis
    "the mobile computing lifestyle magazine", free, monthly on the web, contains new and previous issues.
  13. Newton-specific (see Apple description):
  14. Nigel Ballard's Home Page (updated 8/97)
    Former editor, Pen Computing Magazine (UK). Also The Paperless Office Consultancy.
  15. Pen-Based Computing: The Journal of Stylus Systems
    Table of contents of past issues, press releases, subscription info. Same publishers as Mobilis.
  16. The Pen-based and Vintage Palmtop Computer Museum (added 07/98)
    Quick comparison charts, pictures and info on a number of pen-based machines.
  17. Pen Computing Magazine
    Web site contains past 3 issues, sampler of new issue, plus other info "Pen Lab Update, Software Update, Developer Info, Advertiser Index". Print magazine is bi-monthly, includes buyer's guide, rated favourably in some recent comp.sys.pen postings. Pen Computing Magazine, P.O. Box 408, Plainview, NY 11803. Phone: 516-681-5208. Fax: 516-681-2119. E-mail:
  18. PDA Buzz - PDA/Handheld discussion site (added 12/98)
    "PDA/HPC questions, comments, and discussion are welcome". Free registration for first time users.
  19. PDAgroove Buyer's Guide (added 07/99)
    "PDAgroove offers FREE information, pictures, reviews, a discussion area (for sale postings by individuals are OK) on all manner of PDAs: Pilots, WinCE computers of all size and shapes, Newton, Psion, and the new ultra-small notebooks."
  20. PDAntic's Palm-Size PC World (added 08/98)
    "news, links, hardware info, FAQs and tips about Palm-Size PCs".
  21. Peter PDAntic: Internet PDA Guru (added 08/98)
    News, articles, questions. Sponsored by an internet store (
  22. Pilot-specific (see US Robotics/Palm Pilot description):
  23. Pocket Computing Magazine (added 05/98)
    Mini-Laptops, Newton, Psion, Windows CE, Pilot
  24. Pocket Computer Museum Page (added 01/98)
    "The purpose of this museum is to gather as much information on Pocket computers manufactured during the early years of mobile computing".
  25. Scott Griepentrog's Pen Windows Magazine
    Scott Griepentrog provides hints on upgrading to Windows95 (for Concerto, DTR-1, Kurta), and his experiences with Windows for Pen. FAQ, suggestions, and links. Welcomes contributions (opinions and articles) from readers - email at
  26. T100X-specific:
  27. Toby Reed's Unofficial Dauphin DTR-1 Home Page
    Info-sheet, battery specs, images, CPU speedup kit, utilities (rated), drivers, links, supply stores, list of users, mailing list, IRC meeting info. If the page moves, use the link at
  28. TurboTortoise Linux PDA (added 01/98)
    ".. Linux system .. to fit in a pocket".
  29. Touchscreen-related links (added 12/97)
    Links to on-screen keyboards, kiosk-related stuff, touch-screen web software, point-of-sale (POS) software - site maintained by Mass Multimedia .
  30. Tristan Bostone's PDA Survey Web Page
    Survey based on "almost one hundred" responses - contains summarized and raw responses from PDA owners - Newton, Psion, HP200LX, Magic Link, Zoomer, Zaurus, EO and IBM Pen Tablet.
  31. Windows CE-specific (see Microsoft/Windows CE description):
    • Blake's Nino Info Page (added 01/98)
      "details .. Windows CE v2.0-based Philips Nino PalmPC". Specs, Links, Development Info.
    • Chris De Herrera's Windows CE Website (updated 05/99)
      Windows CE faqs etc. Also info on older PDAs like the Dauphin DTR-1, GridPad 1910, Casio Zoomer and related stuff (utilities, drivers, solutions to common problems, vendors).
    • Windows CE Spot
      "news and info in both a Desktop PC format and an HPC friendly option".
  32. Yahoo's entry for Handwriting Recognition .
  33. Zaurus-specific:

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