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Products and Company sites

  1. Active Paper's Home Page : Active Paper, Inc., sells software for personal communicators - Presto!Mail for the MagicCap environment.
  2. Advanced Recognition Technologies (ART)
    Handwriting, voice recognition products: smARTwriter for Windows CE (purchase), smARTspeak SDK (free). Also related shortcuts for Windows 95.
    9574 Topanga Canyon Blvd., Chatsworth, CA 91311. Phone: 818-678-3999. Fax: 818-678-3994.
    From an old Pen Computing Magazine article: "DOS, Windows, and GEOS versions of smARTwriter are currently available, and Windows 95 and Magic Cap versions are under development". I've been told there is a review in the Dec'97 issue as well.
  3. Aha! Software's InkWriter
    Available for Windows for Pen and the MagicCap operating system. Now also available for Windows. An editor for handwritten notes. Aha! Software Corp., P.O. Box 391854, Mountain View, CA 94039-1854. Phone: 800-AHA-SOFT, 415-988-2080. Fax: 415-988-2081. E-mail: Price: about $129.
  4. ALPS GlidePoint - finger/touch pad .
  5. Apple :
  6. AST : makers of GRiD pen computers (GRiD taken over by AST some time ago).
  7. Cadix Inc. ID-007 Signature Verification System : they claim - uses style, writing speed and pressure info for verification and learns of signature changes over time - signature samples about 1.5K.
  8. Calcomp - Swedish web site : manufacturer of pen-tablets etc.. contains drivers (check readme.txt first) plus other info .. ftp site logs your domain name (and only allows access if it can read it).
  9. CIC's Handwriter (for Windows and the Mac)
    Includes a pen-tablet and Windows for Pen that you can use with your desktop computer. Also includes their own version of the recognizer, crossword puzzles and a screen saver with signature verification. The tablet is a Calcomp Drawing Slate II with cordless pen and connects via a thin cable to the serial port using a special plug. An external AC adaptor is provided for supplying power to the plug. The company also offers a pressure sensitive (i.e. more than 2 levels) pen as an option. Communication Intelligence Corporation (CIC), Redwood Shores, CA. Phone: 415-802-7888. Fax: 415-802-7777. Price under $280. CIC also sells PenDOS.
    Upgrade info:
    • From an older comp.sys.pen posting:
      " not load v1.7 on Win95 - the upgrade for W95 will be available in January '96 to registered users - will include a new recognizer, v2.0 of the pen extensions for W95, W95 drivers and updated applets".
    • From a Feb 8, 1996 CIC posting to comp.sys.pen:
      "CIC has released the Handwriter for Windows version 2.0 which includes support for both Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. It includes Microsoft Windows Pen Services 2.0 as well as Win4Pen 1.0 for use with Windows 3.1. The new version of the Handwriter also ships with the latest version of CIC's handwriting recognition software (Handwriter Recognition System 5.0 for Windows 95) and other pen enabled applications and utilities. A software only upgrade is available for current owners of the Handwriter for Windows. For additional information contact CIC at 1-800-888-8CIC."
    Phone: 415-802-7888 (ordering, tech. support ..). Tech. Support direct: 503-620-7227.
    Upgrade price: $24.95. Shipping: $7.95 (U.S.), $5.80 (Int'l airmail).
  10. Compaq
    From a note in comp.sys.pen:
    " .. the Compaq-released Concerto Pen95 Drivers are available via download from the ftp site and web url: or".
  11. Cross Pen Computing Group (added 01/98)
    Pen company enters pen-computing market with the "iPen".
  12. Dauphin-Coremark
    Of Dauphin DTR-1, DTR-2 pen computer fame. Dauphin-Coremark, 3100 Dundee Road Northbrook, IL 60062. Phone: 708-559-8443. Fax: 708-559-8918.
  13. Direct Mobile US : "PDAs, accessories, software, pen computers, wireless services, PCMCIA, corporate/government, Apple Newton software, products comparison, hot buys, order".
  14. FTG's PenDirect 2000
    Light pen input device and software for Windows. FTG Data Systems, 8381 Katella Avenue, Stanton, CA 90680. Phone: 800-962-3900, 714-995-3900. Fax: 714-995-3989. E-mail:
  15. Gateway File Systems (added 02/98)
    "e-clips..signature verification software for banking and security systems". Software for "imaged identity data". Has a links page: OCR/ICR Resources .
  16. General Magic, Inc. (added 02/98)
    Makers of Magic Cap operating system and PDAs.
  17. Geoworks : pen-operating systems, Geoworks SDK $99.
  18. GoldPen Computing : Swedish company - mobile computer systems, pen computers, wireless communication, GPS/GIS.
  19. Iambic Software : ".. software for Windows CE, Palm OS and Newton OS ..".
  20. IBM's Pen for OS/2.
  21. Innovative Computer Solutions (ICS) : Newton software: NewtCase, X-port. Shareware: BarKeep, GestureLaunch, GraffitiPatch, HeapIt, NewtInfo, SleepAid, SoupKitchen.
  22. Landware : TakeNote - notepad app. for Windows CE.
  23. Lexicus
    Lexicus, (now) a division of Motorola, makes Longhand for Windows for Pen and QuickPrint for the Magic Cap Environment. Claims to have developed a high performance recognition engine for cursive and hand-printed handwriting.
  24. LCS/Telegraphics (added 10/98)
    ".. leading supplier of software for pointing devices .. produce mouse, tablet, pen and WinTab drivers ..". WinTab drivers available for download at this url .
  25. MG Logic (added 05/99) : Makers of pen-tablets.
  26. Microsoft's CE and HPC (handheld pc) page: Shockwave demo and site search.
  27. Modula-e Deskpad : 0.5 inch thick deskpad with TFT screen etc.. to replace keyboard, screen, mouse, speakers and mike. Modula Deskpad, 3780 Kilroy Airport Way, Suite 200 Long Beach, CA 90806. Phone: 310-988-6574. Fax: 310-988-6570. E-mail:
  28. Newton developers : Boston Univ. School of Medicine - "listing of software developers with experience in creating medical and scientific applications for the Newton operating system".
  29. Palm Computing (3Com) - PalmPilot (added 03/98)
    Formerly "Palm Computing" (see below). Similar info at:
  30. Palm Computing , (now) a division of U.S. Robotics. Palm Computing Inc., 4410 El Camino Real, Suite 108, Los Altos, CA 94022. Phone: 415-949-9560, 800-881-PALM. Fax: 415-949-0147. Palm Computing FTP site:
    Product info:
    • Graffiti
      Handwriting recognition add-on for the Newton, MagicCap, HP OmniGo (built-in). Provides character-by-character recognition. Uses a simplified set of gestures to represent characters - generally each character represented by a single-stroke gesture and gestures designed to have as little similarity between them as possible. This naturally leads to improved recognition. However it does require that the user learn the new set of gestures. Many people find the improvement in recognition worth the effort. Price: $59 (v1.0 for older Apple MessagePads), $79 (v2.0 for Newton 2.0), Upgrade: $29.
    • Pilot Organizer
      from their Ad in PC Magazine - Price: $229 "with desktop and organizer software, docking cradle and accessories".
      Also see Scott Andress' Pilot Page for Palm Computing contacts (www, e-mail, phone) and technical support info for orders (U.S. and outside).
  31. Papyrus Associates
    Offers a 30-day evaluation version of their handwriting recognizer "Recognition by Papyrus" for Windows for Pen - includes cursive/printing recognition, and a character recognizer called Allegro (in their own words "provides essentially 100% accuracy, is easy to learn and fast to use"). This site also includes notes for PDA, mobile hardware manufacturers ("available for .. Intel, Hitachi SH, Sparc, ARM, and StrongARM .. the entire Allegro application and character data is under 48K bytes of ROM").
    Click here for a picture of Allegro characters. Compare to graffiti reference cards (above).
    Papyrus Associates Inc., 21 Wayside Rd., Westborough, MA 01581-3620. Phone: 508-836-5443. Fax: 800-877-3934. E-mail:
    Earlier posting from in comp.sys.pen:
    "Re: Graffiti for Win95 ... Papyrus Associates offers a handwriting recognizer that is a superset of graffiti. You can write single unistrokes or use a cursive mode. This product was reviewed favorably in this month's (Feb '96) pen computing magazine ... Product runs under Windows 3.1 and several PDA platforms".
  32. Paragraph
    Of Apple Newton handwriting recognition fame. Offers a viewer for handwritten drawings - Netwriter for Win95/NT. Free downloads for Calligrapher for Windows CE. ParaScript Technology for "off-line" handwriting recognition from faxes etc..
    Also FreeStyle for the Newton - Price: $49.95. Phone: 800-526-3977.
  33. PDA Direct Inc. : 360 Chase St., Gary, IN 46404. Phone: 800-279-4732, 219-882-5228. Fax: 219-845-0578, Fax on demand: 219-822-DATA.
  34. PDA Expo (added 02/98)
    Annual exhibition.
  35. PelicanWare : Newton software: AvailWorks, NewtCase, Notion, QuickFigure Pro (spreadsheet), Works, Exchange. Also associated QF tools. 30-day demos for some.
  36. PelicanWare : Newton software: AvailWorks, NewtCase, Notion, QuickFigure Pro (spreadsheet), Works, Exchange. Also associated QF tools. 30-day demos for some.
  37. Pen Computer Solutions, Inc. : (added 06/98)
    "Custom programming .. field data collection .. for the PalmPilot, Palm III, IBM WorkPad and Symbol SPT 1500".
  38. PenOp Incorporated's PenOp (previously Peripheral Vision's PenOp)
    Handwritten signature capture, security and prevention of copying. In their own words: "PenOp tells you who signed, when they signed, why they signed, and confirms the document is what they signed". Phone: 1-(800) 286-4137. E-mail: (previously
    Offers a Netscape Plug-in and an illustrative ScreenCam demo. Report that their software is under test by the IRS for possible use in tax return filing.
  39. PenRight
    PenRight, 47358 Fremont Blvd., Fremont, CA 94538. Phone: 510-438-9145. Fax: 510-438-9145. These may work as well - phone: 510-249-6920, 510-249-6900.
  40. Quintet Security Systems (added 12/98)
    "Electronic signature verification" products - including SignCrypt for securing files on Windows CE handheld platform.
  41. "Rugged" Pen Computers
    • Badger Computers: 10901 Malcom McKinley Drive, Tampa, Florida 33612. Phone: 1-800-3-BADGER, 813-972-6246, 813-972-6597. Fax: 813-972-6715.
    • Husky Computers Inc.'s HC-486: Phone: 813-530-4141. Here's some info in Norwegian.
    • Kalidor Inc.'s K-2500, K-2100: 3553 North First Street, San Jose, CA 95134. Phone: 800-252-5436, 408-432-6000.
    • Norand Corp.'s PEN*KEY 6600 : Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Phone: 800-553-5971, 319-369-3100, Fax: 319-369-3453.
    • Texas Microsystems' HARDBODY : 5959 Corporate Drive, Houston, Texas 77036. Phone: 800-627-8700.
    See Mobile Office, Apr '96 for a review of these and other rugged portables. Also Byte, Dec '95 for a shorter review/article.
  42. SmartQuill - British Telecom (added 10/98)
    ".. a space age fountain pen sized handheld computer that can 'read' hand written words .. SmartQuill can function as a diary, calendar, contacts database, alarm, note taker, and calculator and can receive emails and pager messages..".
  43. Sony Magic Link Home Page : Sony Personal Information Company (, a division of Sony Electronics Inc.
  44. Sony New Technologies : a division within Sony Corp., develops Magic Cap software. New software, MagicCap websites, software sources.
  45. SQN Peripherals : "provides Signature Verification systems, primarily to the banking industry".
  46. Symbios/Scriptel's WriteTouch : "cordless digital pen product enabling both pen and finger touch input".
  47. Toshiba : Toshiba T100X, T200X pen computers, drivers ...
  48. Wacom Technology Corporation : manufacturer of pen-tablets etc..

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